Could You Be A New Partner Of Marathon Kids UK?

Marathon Kids UK is looking for new partners and funders to help continue their mission of inspiring the next generation to be physically active.

Like so many companies and charities across the United Kingdom, Marathon Kids UK has been hit financially by the impact of Covid 19 and has seen their funding streams lessen or even stop completely.

Despite this tightening of the purse strings, Marathon Kids UK continued to provide support to schools and communities during the lockdown periods with online activity videos and their active mile programme to schools.

Today’s children are the most sedentary generation in history, and with gadget time taking over more traditional play our children are moving less and less. The sad fact of this lack of movement is that our children are dying 5 years younger than us!

Marathon Kids UK has more than a decade of experience working with funders and partners of all sizes. The charity has grown and developed over the last decade, but the mission has remained the same: to provide children with a safe and enjoyable environment in which to engage in physical activity, thereby helping them to be healthier, happier, and more confident.

Managing Director, Christopher McShane said, “Marathon Kids UK has had the good fortune to work with some incredible companies, ranging from small local businesses to sporting behemoth Nike. We work with companies whose mission and values align with our own, and we hope to engage some new partners and funders who not only want to support our mission to continue to deliver our programmes but also support us to continue to grow and build our charity across the UK”.

If you are interested to find out more about Marathon Kids UK and their work please see their website, or email Christopher McShane,

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