Marathon Of Marathons Challenge Update

The Ultimate Challenge

Before the Christmas period, Carl and the Marathon Kids UK team had a catch-up to discuss the Marathon of Marathon’s challenge. The challenge, set at the beginning of 2022, was for Carl to complete 26 marathons in a variety of different ways.

Some of the amazing feats Carl has completed to date include running a marathon on a balcony, carrying a weighted dumbbell for 26.2 miles and balancing a bean bag on his head while running for the same challenging distance. The goal of the Marathon of Marathon’s challenge was to raise awareness and much-needed funds for our charity.

Before undertaking the challenge, Carl said, “I want to do something that will get people interested, inspire them to be more active and raise a meaningful amount of money and awareness for Marathon Kids UK.”

For those of you who have been following Carl’s journey, you will recognise that Carl has done some pretty crazy and challenging marathons. As part of the challenge, Carl has contacted local and regional media, created some live Instagram recordings and battled through many injuries and tough occasions.


Unfortunately, whether due to the exceedingly tough financial year people have faced or the abundance of other challenges being undertaken, thus far, the challenge has not succeeded in our goals and the lack of interest and success began to impact on Carl’s own mental health and well-being.

Due to this, Carl will be moving his focus to now support the team in a mentoring capacity and assist the charity by organising a new fundraising event this year. We feel that using Carl’s business experience, fundraising expertise and contacts will be a greater benefit to our cause. Although the Marathon of Marathon’s challenge has stopped, his support to us is beginning a new and exciting chapter. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carl for his incredible efforts and acknowledge how proud we are to have him as an Ambassador of the charity. We know your marathons will have inspired so many of our children and families.

Carl’s concluding message was, ”although this challenge proved to be incredibly difficult, I cannot thank enough the people who supported me and donated towards this amazing cause. I felt so much love and inspiration from the messages and kind words I received from the Marathon Kids UK family.”

As a final thank you to Carl for his inspiring efforts, we invite you one last time to get behind him and donate to thank him for his efforts during this incredible challenge.


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