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Marathon Kids UK in parks is a free programme that runs in parks all over the UK on weekends and in the school holidays, allowing children to maintain regular exercise even when school’s out.

Did you know that the Government advice for daily physical activity for children is 60 minutes a day? That should be 30 minutes within school time and 30 minutes outside of school. During the school holidays many children’s physical activity levels drop and their fitness levels reduce significantly. Bringing your child or children to our Marathon Kids UK in park sessions can support you to deliver this recommended daily target.

Cheered on by parents, friends, and volunteers, children complete laps of a 250m course, earning wrist bands as they go. At the end of the session, the distance they’ve racked up is added to their personal account on the Marathon Kids UK app.

Each Marathon Kids UK location has a Community Ambassador who leads the sessions with a team of amazing volunteers, all who are given the training required to make sessions safe, fun, and exciting.

“Marathon Kids UK is not only a fantastic way of allowing very young children to learn how to run in a safe and enjoyable environment, but it also helps to introduce them to the sport of running in a way that encourages enjoyment and participation with the whole family! Both of our boys really enjoy taking part in the warm-up activities and running, and it has inspired them to enter two ‘Fun Races’ already, at the ages of just 2 and 4 years old!” Parent at Worcester Marathon Kids UK sessions.

Marathon Kids in the UK is a programme of Kids Run Free.

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