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The support on getting started was excellent. The children still love going out and running round the playground 6 months in, and they love the instant feedback of the record-keeping spreadsheets. It’s great for everyone: the children who have spent hours clocking up extra kilometres at home and those who otherwise would do nothing at all.

Anna Fairhurst, Head Teacher – Brize Norton Primary School, Oxfordshire

Marathon Kids has been a really effective tool to get kids active on a regular basis. The pupils are motivated by the target to run a marathon or half marathon and to out run their peers. The resources provided are really good and effective and make the whole programme very sustainable and purposeful.

Ben Walker, SEN & PE Physical Education teacher – Highview SEN School, Kent

β€œThe Marathon Kids programme has been a great success for us.Β  We have allocated time two mornings a week for students to walk or run their laps and have had a large number of students from years 3-14 participating.Β  The success the students have experienced and the knowledge of the distances they have been able to complete has enabled students to really benefit positivity and has increased both their self-esteem and fitness levels

Immy Hillyard, PE Teacher – Unsted Park School, Surrey


Our son is autistic and made so much progress over the year in understanding the instructions for the warm-up, running with the other children without needing one of us to run with him, and in his stamina – he went from not being able to run the 50m without stopping to running a total of 900-1000m each time we went! We found the group so inclusive and accepting of children of all abilities. We love Marathon Kids UK and all the volunteers do such a great job.

Sarah Price, parent

Kids out running on a Saturday morning and having a great time with it – mission accomplished! The ‘races’ have the right balance of structure and freedom for the kids to just get on and have fun! A good start to the weekend for us parents as well.

Ben Evans, parent

We’re massive fans of Marathon Kids UK. The monthly Worcester event has helped Thomas (4) and Joseph (2) to develop their social and communication skills as the activities actively encourage children of different ages to interact with each other, which I believe has been beneficial in helping prepare Thomas for his first year of primary school.


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