Marvellous Maisie – Takes on the March Madness Challenge

19/03/2021: As Marathon Kids UK looks towards a return to parks, we capture yet another story of an amazing runner who has accepted the March Madness Challenge. The challenge was simple! Complete a marathon, any way you like, over the duration of March.

This week we follow the Journey of Maisie Lee (8) a resident of Warwick in the West Midlands and keen running enthusiast. Maisie attends Coten End Primary School in Warwick and loves nothing more than to be outdoors and playing with her friends. Like many kids, Maisie has missed socialising with friends and families during the lockdown period and has enjoyed a return to the classroom. She is also very excited about a return to Marathon Kids UK in parks at the weekends.

Maisie has been running for many years and regularly attends the Marathon Kids UK in parks events at Warwick. It takes place at St Nicholas Park on the first Saturday of every month at 9am. Cassy (Maisie’s mom) has been the Race Director of this event for many years and invites children and families of all ages and abilities to attend. Cassy stated ‘’I have always loved running and wanted to play a role in activating my local community. I have three kids who all enjoy being physically active and a husband who is in training for this year’s London Marathon in October.’’

It is no surprise as to why Maisie is so passionate about running and why she is loving the competitive challenge of completing a marathon in such a short time frame. So far Maisie has completed 13 miles and is confident she will be able to complete it all. She completes shorter runs during the week and at the weekend likes to complete 3km on both Saturday and Sunday! Not only is Maisie challenging herself, but she has challenged others to show their support. Maisie has set up a JustGiving account in order to support the Marathon Kids UK charity. So far she has raised a staggering £250. If you would like to support Maisie please click HERE.

Maisie says, ‘’Running makes me feel energised and happy. I’ve been going to Marathon Kids for a few years now since I was little and I now help run the event in the park where we live. It’s really fun because I like how lots of people encourage me by cheering me on when I’m near the end. I want to make sure that everyone knows running is good for them and makes them feel happy. I like Marathon Kids, it’s a fun charity and I’m happy to raise money for it. I’ve done 13 miles so far so I’m halfway! Thanks so much for sponsoring me!’

To Maisie and all of the other superstars completing the Marathon Madness Challenge, we salute you. We are so proud of your achievements at Marathon Kids UK and you are a real inspiration to children and adults across the UK.

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