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Nathan Dalton

Nathan Dalton_

Nathan is our Fundraising Assistant and loves the charity because it allows physical activity to be completely inclusive. He wants to be a part of the growth of Marathon Kids UK as he fully believes in our mission and programme.

Nathan has a great passion for creative writing and uses his skills to tell Marathon Kids UK’s story to secure grants so we can continue to grow and support more kids to be physically active. But when he is not doing this Nathan loves to experience new things whether it be new music, places or people. Nathan is also a big animal lover and has 2 dogs and 2 cats which he loves spending time with.

PE was a subject Nathan enjoyed in primary school, however, during secondary school he lost interest as it was no longer very inclusive. This is one of the reasons Nathan loves Marathon Kids UK, he said, “Marathon Kids UK have created a programme where all children can be involved and enjoy being active without the worry of different levels of skill, ability, or background. If you want to be active, you can”.



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