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Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith_

Patrick is currently on the Government Kickstart programme and is our Marketing Officer. He believes in our mission in creating a more inclusive programme because it is pupil centered. Patrick wants to get more children active in and out of schools because it will highly benefit their mental health later in life as it will build their confidence and self-belief.

Patrick loves learning about the psychology behind behaviours and not just looking at what behaviours people present but also why these occur. This drove him to marketing as he uses his passion for psychology to learn and develop the best ways to appeal to our audience. Alongside this, Patrick is fascinated by history and how different eras behaved, interacted and lived day-to-day life.

When he was younger, Patrick loved to play football. However, as time went on it became less and less inclusive making it more difficult for him to keep up with his peers. This is where Patrick’s drive to support more inclusive programmes, such as ours, originated. Whilst you can still compete with your peers, it allows pupils to focus on themselves and not compare their scores with others.



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