Superhero Parent!

Jocelyn Armitage – Superhero parent!

Jocelyn Armitage, is a runner, a vegan, and most importantly a superhero mum to five-year-old Elma, and 4-year-old Arthur. She has always loved running and is a proud member of Vegan Runners UK.

When the kids came along, Jocelyn would often take them on a buggy run with her, letting nothing get in the way of being active and healthy. Like all of us, Jocelyn is now trying to balance life with Covid and often takes the kids outside for some exercise. Especially now during the days of home schooling as they love to have a break in the fresh air!

As highlighted in the picture above even when it was pouring down with rain, the kids wanted to get out and be active! Christopher our Marathon Kids UK Head Of Programming suggested that ”it is great to see parents across the UK keeping themselves and their kids active whatever the weather. Now more than ever is it so important to be active and take special care of both our physical and mental well-being.”

Last autumn, Jocelyn and the family discovered Marathon Kids UK in parks. When the weekly events started in Astley Park at Chorley last September, Jocelyn heard about it through a friend. She, Elma and Arthur were there to welcome Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP when the Speaker of the House of Commons joined us at Marathon Kids UK for a muddy Saturday morning.

Jocelyn stated that ”the kids love being active, running, and playing outdoors, and they cannot wait for Marathon Kids UK to start again!”

To Jocelyn, Elma, and Arthur, and to all the superhero parents and kids racking up those kilometres despite the tough year we’ve had – we want to say Thank You, and keep it up! #BEAMAZING


INFORMATION: All parks events are currently postponed and due to restart when permitted by government guidance. Please follow us on social media to find out more.


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