‘Track to the Future’ with Marathon Kids UK!

New easy-to-use automated scanning system set for May pilot.

April 23, 2021: Next month, Marathon Kids UK will unveil their ‘Track to the Future’ automated scanning technology and are asking for more schools to sign up to be involved in the pilot scheme ahead of the full UK launch in September 2021.

Following extensive feedback and consultation with Marathon Champions from small, medium and large schools, Marathon Kids UK invested in a new software programme that will work seamlessly with the existing Digital Tracking System (DTS) and Marathon Kids UK app, thus removing the time-consuming manual inputting of distances achieved by each child after each run.

From the end of May, schools which take part in the pilot will be given a unique QR code for each pupil which they wear in the form of a laminated lanyard during their running session. At the end of this, they will simply scan the code to the app on a smartphone or iPad, and the DTS will be updated.

But if you can’t commit to the pilot scheme, PLEASE DO NOT WORRY! The current manner in which distances are logged and recorded is still available until September.

‘Track to the Future’ is the next step in the evolution of Marathon Kids UK, as we truly embrace technology that makes it easier for our teachers and volunteers to record how far children are running,’ said Christopher McShane, the new Managing Director of the organisation.

‘From personal experience working as a teacher before I joined Marathon Kids UK, I can fully appreciate the amount of day-to-day things a teacher has to do, so if we can help them by making the recording as easy as possible, hopefully that’s going to make the programme easier to use,’ he added.

By embracing this technology, the Marathon Kids UK in schools and parks programmes will be brought closer together, enabling parents as well as Marathon Champions to see real-time, up-to-date running distances that their child or children are achieving both in school time and at weekends.

INFORMATION: If you would like to be included in the ‘Track to the Future’ pilot initiative, please contact schools@marathonkids.co.uk

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