At Marathon Kids UK, we are always looking for new partners to join us in the fight to inspire the next generation to get moving. This week, we welcome two new partners to the team and celebrate the amazing work they are doing and the impact they are creating.

The Teacher’s Run Club

The Teacher’s Run Club was created to celebrate the active lives of educators across the UK and the rest of the world. To help school staff find enjoyment in activity, whether it’s through running, yoga or walking, it doesn’t matter. They are promoting well-being through movement.

By inspiring and promoting active educators, they hope that this will in turn, create real-life active role models for children and communities across the UK. By joining forces, we can activate many more teachers and create more sustainable opportunities not only for children but parents and their educators.

We know that together, we will create positive change and impact! To follow them on Twitter please click HERE.



Start Running Stay Running

We are also incredibly proud to announce our partnership with CIC company, Start Running Stay Running. They believe that everyone has an inner runner just waiting to be nurtured, with easy-to-follow courses which inspire people to move! The team at Start Running Stay Running are also close friends with our magnificent Ambassador Nikki Love and will be joining forces with us for the Run Australia Challenge.

The CIC strongly believes in the power of movement and opens its arms to runners of all abilities, from people completing their first 5KM to those ultra-marathon athletes.

You can find out more about this great company, by following them on Instagram HERE.




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